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Left Shoe News 30 June, 2002

Prophet Muhammad said, "When one of you puts on sandals, he should first put on the right foot " (Hadith Sahih Muslim 877)

He also said, "He who does not obey Muhammad disobeys God." (Hadith Mishkat 144)


26/6/02 Afghanistan must have secular laws
Dr. Sima Samar has been replaced as Afghanistan's Minister for Women's Affairs. She is alleged to have spoken to a Canadian newspaper against Sharia, Islamic law. On 13 June, Dr Samar was attacked in the newspaper “Mujahed”, “Holy Warrior”, printed by the Jamiat-e-Islami and called Afghanistan's Salman Rushdie”.
Sharia was practiced by the Taliban and included whipping, stoning to death , amputation of hands and feet and discrimination against women. Dr Samar's outspoken attacks on the way women are still being treated in Afghanistan have angered many religious hardliners. She says she fears for her safety.
Dr Samar now heads the newly established Human Rights Commission and we wish her well in her work for women. An election is due in 2004 and women, who make up two-thirds of the population of Afghanistan must unite together to get maximum representation.

30/6/02 Terengganu Malays can become free-thinkers to avoid hudud laws.
Sharia does not apply to non-Muslims so the vicious new hudud proposals of PAS (Partai Islam se-Malaysia) can be avoided by becoming a free-thinker, humanist, atheist or agnostic.
Malaysian Sharia does not punish apostasy from Islam, unlike some Islamic states where it carries the death penalty. To make a woman who alleges she has been raped and cannot obtain a conviction be whipped 80 times is barbaric. Rapists must not be protected by Islamic law: the word of a woman must be accepted as evidence and the Sharia provision that 4 adult, male, Muslim witnesses to actual penetration not be required.
Many groups and organisations have expressed outrage at the PAS-led move: Sisters in Islam, Malaysia National Council of Women's Organisations, Women's Action Association, Women Lawyers Association, National Single Mothers Council, National Social Workers Association, Wanita Ikram, Pertubuhan BantUan Wanita. Women's Crisis Centre, Women Development Collective, Wijadi and Women Candidacy Initiative, Umno Youth, Wanita MCA and the Women and Family Development- Ministry.
HRAIC says many women complain they are already discriminated against by Islamic laws which apply nationally and are less stringent than those proposed in eastern Terengganu state.
DAP Wanita hopes that all parties should refrain from continuing to infringe the Malaysia constitutional guarantee that this is a plural society which upholds parliamentary democracy and power-sharing between both genders and all religious and ethnic communities.
13/3/02 Ismail Mamat, UMNO information chief in Kelantan state was convicted of polygamy, and sentenced to 4 days jail and fined 1800 ringgit. While Muslim men are allowed to have up to 4 wives, in Malaysia permission must be obtained from an existing wife and religious authorities.

6/6/02 Stoning sentence overturned

Two years ago, Zafran Bibi, a village woman from Lohat district in the North West Frontier Province went to the police to report a case of rape. Instead she was charged with adultery and sentenced to death by stoning.
Women's and human rights groups in Pakistan created a furore and President Musharraf gave the assurance that the sentence would not be carried out. She was brought to the capital, Islamabad where the sentence was overturned. Human rights groups demand the repeal of vicious Islamic laws.
14/6/02 Islamists bomb US consulate in Karachi.

Twelve Pakistanis including five women and 4 policemen guarding the building were killed in a bomb attack on the US consulate in Karachi.
On May 8, 11 French workers and 3 Pakistanis were killed in a bomb attack outside the Sheraton hotel in Karachi.
29/6/02 Pakistani police have published photographs of 10 men suspected of carrying out the Karachi bombings. Most belong to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a banned Sunni group.
24/6/02 Pakistan's Supreme court has reversed its own ruling that outlawed charging interest, “riba”, on loans. A number of financial institutions had warned the government that the new system was not viable and some of the foreign banks said they might have to shut down their operations in the country.
Actually Allah (Qur'an 3:130) forbade “usury, doubled and multiplied” and not moderate interest rates.
19/6/02 Up to now Pakistan's mosque schools, madrasas, have been totally unregulated giving a limited scope of education, with many only offering the recitation of the Qur'an in Arabic. Now they have been given 6 months to register with the government or face closure. They will not be able to receive foreign, for example Saudi, donations and once registered will be eligible for grants to teach science, maths and Urdu. Many of the madrasas will resist the government as they are not interested in secular education and see themselves in the forefront of Jihad.
16/6/02 Islamic militants entered the houses of Hindus in the village of Balmakote, 60 km from Jammu, Indian Kashmir leaving 5 people dead and 3 seriously injured.
Two civilians died and 3 militants of the Hizbul Mujahideen were killed in a gun battle with police in Doda district.
Three members of the al-Badr group were killed by police in Kupwara district.
15/6/02 Three children died when Hindu pilgrims making their way from a remote mountain shrine in Kashmir were attacked.
27/6/02 Suspected Islamic militants threw a grenade into a crowded market at Anantnag town in Jammu-Kashmir injuring 20 Hindu civilians.
11/6/02 Several thousand hardline Muslims took part in a rally in Muzaffarabad, Pakistani Kashmir to denounce the ban by President Musharraf of the movement of armed militants across the Line of Control. Qazi Hussain Ahmed, leader of Jamaat-e-Islami said the people of Pakistan were not afraid of a holy war with India.

27/6/02 Nigerian man faces death penalty for adultery
For the first time a man, Yunusa Rafin Chiwaya, has been sentenced to death in northern Nigeria (Bauchi state) to death by stoning for adultery. He may have been depressed and suicidal for he voluntarily confessed to the authorities. His case is reminiscent of that of Ma'iz bin Malik who went to Prophet Muhammad to confess his adultery. (Hadith Malik 493:1520)
His partner, the wife of a neighbor, was acquitted after swearing on the Koran that she had been hypnotised at the time.
23/6/02 Birth risk for “circumcised” women
The WHO (World Health Organization) conducted a study of almost 2000 Nigerian women who had suffered FGM (female genital mutilation) of various types. They found that women who had part or all of the clitoris and/or skin tissue of the vulva removed had a higher risk of tearing because of their extensive scar tissue. Also they could suffer long-lasting reproductive health problems and stillbirths.
Prophet Muhammad did not have his daughter, Fatima “circumcised” but did not come out against the practice which many Muslims regard as Sunnah. In total it is estimated that 2M women a year are subjected to genital mutilation. The aim of the process is to ensure the woman is faithful to her future husband and some communities consider girls ineligible for marriage if they have not been circumcised. Razor blades, scissors, kitchen knives and even pieces of glass are used, often on more than one girl, which increases the risk of infection. Some girls die as a result of haemorrhaging, septicaemia and shock.

22/6/02 Sympathy for Iranian earthquake victims
We wish to express our sympathy to the victims of the earthquake in north-western Iran. The quake which was 6.0 on the Richter scale devastated 70 villages, killing about 230 people, injuring 1500 people and leaving 25,000 homeless. Many survivors accuse the government of being too slow to help.
Allah (Qur'an 64:11) claims responsibility for all calamities but scientists say the area is crossed by fault-lines which cause millions of tons of rock to crush together.
1/6/02 The parliamentary speaker, Mehdi Karubi, has called for the release from house arrest of a leading dissident cleric, Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri. Montazeri who is 80 years old was placed under house arrest in Qom in 1997 after he criticized the power of the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khameini.
9/6/02 The reformist parliament has had a bill banning torture to obtain confessions rejected by the Guardian Council, who says it is un-Islamic. The latter is a 12-member unelected body of 6 clerics appointed by Khameini and 6 lawyers selected from a list submitted by the head of judiciary himself appointed by Khameini. The Guardian Council thwarts practically all bills passed by the elected parliament.

25/6/02 Wahhabists arrested over Dagestan bombing
A Dagestan Islamist, Kazim Abdurakhmanov and seven others have been arrested for carrying out the bomb attack in the town of Kaspiysk on the Victory (WWII) Day Parade on May 9. The attack killed 43 people, including children, veterans and musicians, and injured more than 150 people. The attack was ordered by Dagestan Wahhabist religious leader, Rapani Khalilov who is in hiding in neighboring Chechnya. Khalilov is alleged to have taken part in an attack on Dagestan by Chechen rebels which sparked Russia's intervention in Chechnya.
17/6/02 Russia has asked Georgia to extradite 3 men involved in the bombing of a block of flats 3 years ago in the southern city of Volgodonsk. Nearly 20 people were killed in the explosion and a number of men have already been convicted of the bombings. However the group may be in the Pankisi Gorge which is a no-go area for Georgian police and soldiers. The gorge is used for R&R by Chechen fighters and has become a center of drug-smuggling and gun-running. Aid workers have been taken hostage and some Russians forced to work as slaves.
30/6/02 Chinese consul killed in Kyrgystan
A high-ranking Chinese diplomat and his driver have been shot by Uighur separatists. Neighboring Xinjiang contains about 9 million Muslims some of whom want an Islamic state.

14/6/02 Hostages of Abu Sayyaf killed
Filipina nurse, Ediborah Yap and American missionary, Martin Burnham were shot dead during an attempt to free them. His wife, Gracia Burnham was shot in the thigh but now has returned to her home in Wichita. Nurse Yap is considered a heroine as she had turned down several chances for freedom during the past year so she could care for the Burnhams who were in bad health.
The Abu Sayyaf is fighting for a Muslim state and carried out a string of kidnappings last year. Most hostages were released for ransom, but several including an American man were beheaded.
21/6/02 A senior leader of Abu Sayyaf, Abu Sabaya is thought to have been killed when special forces intercepted a boat carrying armed men off the coast of Sibuco.

30/6/02 Over 100 people have been killed by Islamists in Algeria this month.
Thirteen people were killed when GIA (Armed Islamic Group) attacked a bus in the Algiers suburb of Eucalyptus with machine guns.
23/6/02 Islamic extremists killed 6 youths playing football in Zeralda. Two policemen and an Islamist were killed in a clash in Relizane. A child wounded in a bomb attack in Chlef on Friday died of injuries.
14/6/02 Eleven villagers, including two children aged three and four, have been killed in attacks near the slum village of Douera. The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) may have been responsible on this occasion.
12/6/02 Eleven bus passengers were killed in the town of Medea when it was attacked with machine guns.
The GIA and GSPC are fighting for an Islamic state where Allah reigns supreme.

Saudi Arabia
29/6/02 About 100 Saudis are among the 500 Taliban and al-Qaeda prisoners at the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Fifteen of the nineteen September 11 hijackers were Saudi nationals. Bin Laden was stripped of his Saudi citizenship after calling for the overthrow of the ruling Saudi dynasty.
10/6/02 Eau de Cologne kills 19 in SA
Nineteen people have died in Saudi Arabia from drinking cologne laced with poisonous methanol. Alcohol is banned under the kingdom's strict Sharia, Islamic law.

24/6/02 A Syrian state security court has sentenced opposition dissident Habib Saleh, 52, to three years jail for voicing criticism of the government. Journalists and diplomats were barred from the trial.

About a dozen Indonesian and Malaysian Islamists were trained in how to make bombs and other military activities in a village near Jakarta last year. The instructor was Syekh Saharani who belonged to the banned Malaysian group KMM, Kumpulan Mujahiddin Malaysia. Two militants who trained in the camp, Malaysian Taufik bin Abdullah Hakim and Indonesian Edi Setyono have been sentenced to death for bombing a shopping mall last year.

Sri Lanka
29/6/02 Eight people have been killed and scores injured in clashes between Muslims and Tamils in Batticaloa district. Ninety six shops were set ablaze.

16/6/02 Nabil Soliman convicted in absentia following the assassination of President Sadat has been extradited from the US to Egypt. Soliman was a member of Islamic Jihad which opposed Egypt's peace deal with Israel in 1979.

23/6/02 Sudan government bombs Christian town
The town of Malual-Kan, a center for a number of international aid agencies, was bombed by government planes killing four people. The SPLA (Sudan People's Liberation Army) says it has no presence in the town.
9/6/02 The SPLA says it has captured the key garrison town of Kapoeta near the Kenyan border.

17/6/02 Rival Muslim militias clash
Nineteen people were killed when supporters of Dahir Dayah clashed with forces loyal to warlord Mohamed Dhere. The two sides started exchanging gunfire outside the village of El-Baraf after morning prayers.

10/6/02 US citizen arrested for “dirty bomb” plan.

US citizen Abdullah al-Mujahir, 31, aka Jose Padilla was arrested on his arrival from Pakistan on May 8. He converted to Islam in 1998 and went to Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda thought that, as a US citizen he would be able to travel freely throughout the country. The plans involved exploding a conventional bomb containing radioactive isotopes. Radiation sickness would be spread over a wide area.
5/6/02 Kuwaiti-born Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has been identified as one of the terrorists who masterminded the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington. He transferred the funds for the training of the hijackers and costs. He was indicted in the US in 1996 for his role in a plot to blow up US civilian airlines over the Pacific, and the government is offering a reward of $25m for his capture.
22/6/02 Two Lebanese brothers, Muhammad and Chawki Hammoud, have been convicted of channeling funds to the Lebanese Islamic group Hezbollah (Party of God). They were among 18 people arrested in July 2000 in the Charlotte area and in Michigan who bought cigarettes in North Carolina where tax is 5c a pack and selling them in Michigan where tax is 75 cents a pack. The profits went to the terrorist group Hezbollah.

28/6/02 Baby bomber photo a shocker

This photo was found during the search of a house belonging to a Hamas militant in the West Bank town of Hebron. It shows an 18-month baby boy wearing a pretend explosives belt and a head band of the extremist Islamic group Hamas.
Israeli forces have occupied large parts of the West Bank and say they will remain until there is an end to Palestinian suicide bombings which have killed dozens of Israelis in recent weeks.  Palestinians cannot expect statehood until they show a willingness to live alongside Israel.
Islam conquered Palestine in 638 CE (16AH)