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Left Shoe News       30 September, 2002

Prophet Muhammad said, "When one of you puts on sandals, he should first put on the right foot " (Hadith Sahih Muslim 877)

He also said, "He who does not obey Muhammad disobeys God." (Hadith Mishkat 144)




24/9/02 Hindu temple attack kills 30
Islamic terrorists attacked a Hindu temple, the Suaminarayan in Gandhinagar, capital of Gujarat, India killing 30 people including women and children. Indian PM, Atal BahariVajpayee has called for an end to the cycle of violence.

23/9/02 Islamic militants try to derail Kashmir elections
More than 470 people, including a state minister and more than 30 political workers have been killed since the elections were called on 2 August. Two Islamic groups, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and the al-Arifeen squad have both claimed responsibility for the assassination of the parliamentarian.
9 Sep 02 Five civilians, including two women were killed in a village in the Rajaari district in Jammu.
30/9/02 Three gunmen opened fire on a bus near the southern town of Hirangar, Kashmir.

25/9/02 Islamists execute seven Christians in Karachi
The Islamic Harakat-ul-Mujahideen is blamed for the execution of seven workers for the Institute for Peace and Justice (IPJ) They had their hands tied and mouths covered with tape before being shot. The IPJ is run by left-wing Christians, helping the poorest sections of society and has never taken part in religious politics in Pakistan.
8 Sep '02 Four Islamists killed in shootout.
Mohammed Waseem and Mohammed Akram, linked to an attack on a Christian church at Bahawalpur last October in which 16 people were killed, were among the 4 dead in a shootout with police. Waseem had also participated in an attack in August on a missionary hospital in Taxila in which 4 nurses were killed. The four were members of the outlawed Sunni group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
10 Sep '02 Five men have been arrested for plotting to kill President Pervez Musharraf in April. The men were members of the Islamic group Harkat-ul-Mujahideen.
29/9/02 Father beats daughters to death
Karachi: A Pakistani man beat two of his young daughters to death with a stick as they slept and critically injured their 12 year-old sister because he was angry she was attending school. We consider the desire to see women illiterate an Islamic tradition in some cultures. (All girls' schools were closed in Taleban Afghanistan.)

16/9/02 Top al-Qaeda official arrested in Pakistan


Ramzi Binalshibh, 30, was arrested in a raid in Karachi last week and now is in US custody. He is accused of being one of the main planners of the 11 September attacks on America. He shared a house in Hamburg with the first WTC hijacker, Mohammed Atta. He is thought to be involved in the bombing of a synagogue in Tunisia in April which killed 14 German tourists, and the suicide bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen in 2000.

16/9/02 Eleven civilians killed in Chechen bus attack
Chechen Wahhabists killed 11 people and wounded more than 20 others in Grozny, capital of Chechnya. They had targeted a Russian military convoy but the timing went horribly wrong.
25/9/02 Armed Arabs caught trying to enter Ingushetia.
Four armed men, two Russian nationals and two Arabs were arrested by Georgian authorities as they tried crossed the border en route to Chechnya. Thirteen Chechen rebels detained near the border with Chechnya will be extradited to Russia. US military instructors are training Georgian forces to take on counter-terrorism operations.


9 Sep '02 Arab Israeli stripped of citizenship
Nashd Abu Kishaq has been stripped of his Israeli citizenship for helping Hamas over a period of two years to kill Israeli civilians in suicide attacks. The interior ministry is considering revoking the citizenship of three other Arab Israelis.
15/9/02 Othman Said Kianiya, 23, and two other Arab residents of East Jerusalem have been charged by Israeli authorities with plotting with Hamas to poison drinks at the Café Rimon. Digoxin had been bought and was being tested on cats. The drug is colorless, odorless and tasteless and gives the impression that the victim has died of a natural heart attack.
3/9/02 Palestinian interior minister, Abdel Razak al-Yahiya said Palestinian violence was undermining the struggle for statehood and should be replaced by peaceful forms of resistance.. Militant groups Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade have rejected his call.
13/9/02 Three men, Mahmoud Sherif, Hani Sharif and Abd-al-Hamid of the Jabalya refugee camp, Gaza Strip were killed when a bomb went off prematurely in their home. Five other family members were injured. Palestinian TV called them “righteous martyrs”.
12/9/02 The Israeli army blew up six workshops used to manufacture rockets and mortars in the town of Rafak, Gaza.

S E Asia
8 Sep '02 Christian woman torched to death in Indonesia
A woman was burnt to death in Ambon city after Muslims set fire to a van carrying Christians
On Thursday, three teenage girls and a woman were killed when a bomb went off at a sports center in Ambon.
More than 5000 people have been killed in the Moluccas since religious violence erupted in January 1999.
25/9/02 Indonesian clerics named as terrorist leaders

Several of the 13 Jemaah Islamiyah detained in Singapore for terrorist activities last December have named Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir as the leader of the militant group and Indonesian preacher Hambali (Riduan Isamuddin) as second-in-command.
Bashir has scoffed at the claim, saying there is no such group and denying any criminal activity. But then, of course, Bashir is skilled in the Islamic art of taqiyya, lying for the sake of Allah.
Indonesia has so far refused to arrest Bashir saying it has no evidence.

3 Sep '02 Philippines charges two with deadly Manila bombing
Malaysian, Faiz bin Abu Bakar Bafana and Indonesian Hambali said to be members of the Islamist fundamentalist group Jemaah Islamiyah have been charged in Manila. Testimony against the two suspects was given by Hussein Ramos, a Filipino and Indonesian Roman Fathur al-Ghozi emprisoned for terrorist activities. Bafana and Hambali are said to be linked to bombings two years ago that killed 22 people in Manila.
25/9/02 Indonesian human rights group, Human Rights Study and Advocacy, have carried out numerous interviews into the killing of two American teachers and an Indonesian near the world's largest copper and gold mine in Freeport, West Papua. Their conclusion was that the Indonesian army was responsible for the attack hoping that the OPM (Free Papua Movement) would be blamed. But those ambushed were killed by machine guns which the separatists do not possess. Also a separatist? said to be killed the following day in an operation at the scene, was shown by a forensic examination to have died hours earlier.
Seven soldiers are currently being held in connection with the murder last November of the Papuan separatist leader Theys Eluay.

2 Sept '02 Election scam by Malaysian Islamic Party
UMNO claims it has evidence that PAS (Parti Islam se-Malaysia) systematically transferred phantom voters to Kedah to help its electoral chances. The electoral roll in the recent Anak Bukit state by-election had been manipulated by PAS to include 500 voters who did not live or work in the area.


30/9/02 Men on trial over Paris bombings
Two Algerians, Boualem Bensaid and Smain Ait Ali Belkacem are being tried for the 25 July 1995 bombing of the Saint Michel railway station which claimed 8 lives and injured 150. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the GIA (Armed Islamic Group) which is fighting to establish an Islamic state in Algeria where Allah reigns supreme.
16/9/02 French author on trial over Islam “insult”

Prize-winning French novelist Michel Houellebecq is to stand trial on charges of making a racial insult and inciting religious hatred, following an interview about his latest his latest book, Platform. He was quoted as saying “the dumbest religion, after all, is Islam” …”When you read the Koran, your'e shattered. The Bible at least is beautifully written because the Jews have a heck of literary talent”.
HRAIC is not concerned with these criticisms but defends Houellebecq's right to say them.. To say that Islam is stupid, that they point their bums to the sky, and to comment on the lack of literary talent in the Koran is not our concern but the political ideology of islamo-fascism and vicious Sharia law is.

16/9/02 British court jails four Muslims over Oldham riots.


Damage costing hundreds of thousands of pounds was caused and dozens of police were injured in the riots last July. Majid Hussein, 19, was jailed for 6 years after video evidence had shown him throwing petrol bombs at police. Mohammed Farooq was jailed for 3 years, Irfan Khalil to 3&1/2 years and a 17 year-old to 9 months' detention.
Eight people have been sentenced for their part in the disturbances. Five men are awaiting sentence, and 35 men and 2 women are awaiting trial.

9 Sep '02 Safiya Husseini made Rome “citizen”


We are proud to have done our little bit to help save Safiya Husseini from being stoned to death in northern Nigeria because of vicious Sharia laws. (See Archives 2001)
Rome's mayor, Walter Veltroni said he hoped to confer the same honor to another Nigerian, Amina Lawal facing death by stoning for adultery. But Muslim leaders from Nigeria have condemned the honor and condemned Italian leaders of seeking to convert Safiya Husseini to Christianity.
7 Sep '02 Germany arrests two “loners”
A US woman Astrid Eyzageurre, 28, and her German-born Turkish boyfriend Osman Petmezci , 25, have been arrested after a tip-off. (Astrid had warned a friend to stay away from a US military base supermarket, but she went straight to the US military police.) At their flat, police found five pipe bombs, 130 kg (290 lb) of explosives and pictures of Osama bin Laden. Local officials have described Petmezci, who worked at a chemical factory in Karlsruhe, as a strict Muslim who hates America and Jews.
3 Sep '02 Dutch police arrest radical Islamists
Eight men, one Dutch and the others foreigners have been arrested for belonging to a terrorist group. Documents, false passports and evidence were seized in the raids.
2 Sep '02 Four men, two Algerians, a Frenchman and a Dutch citizen of Ethiopian descent, are accused of planning attacks on the US Embassy in Paris and a US air-base in Belgium.
Sep '02 Holland holds Kurdish Islamic leader

Mullah Krekar leader of the militant group Ansar al-Islam which controls a strip of Kurdish Iraq near the Iranian border known as Iraq's Tora Bora. Ansar al-Islam is believed to be behind a number of explosions and assassination attempts against senior Kurdish officials. It harbors about 150 “Afghan Arabs” who fled Afghanistan.

2 Sep '02 Swedish Muslim convert just a “common criminal”
Swedish authorities have arrested Kerim Chatly, a convert to Islam, and he is being held for plotting a plane hijack. Chatly had a gun in his bag and had attended a flight school in Florida, which is said to be coincidental. But a Swedish police source said he was just a “gangster, a hoodlum!”

22/9/02 Iran's women await stadium access
For 23 years supporting their favorite football teams at stadia has not been an option for women in Iran. Since the 1979 Islamic “revolution” women have been banned from attending men's sports. But the Iranian Cabinet may allow women to attend matches if the sporting authorities are able to create the “necessary conditions”.
In 1998, hundreds of women forced their way into the Azadi Sports Complex in Tehran to welcome home the victorious national team which had defeated Australia in a qualifying game.
There is a women's football league but all matches must be held indoors and no male spectator is allowed to watch.
2 Sep '02 Khatami challenges vetting body
A bill has been presented to the Iranian Parliament to reduce the power of the ruling conservative body, the Guardian Council. The latter is an unelected body selected by the top ayatollahs, Shiite religious leaders. The trouble is that the bill would have to be approved by the very same Guardian Council.

19/9/02 Algerian army kills 29 guerillas
In a shootout in the hills of Mascara, government troops killed 15 members of the GIA (Armed Islamic Group). A further 3 GIA members were killed in the Guelma mountains and six more in the Annmala region.
19/9/02 Security forces have arrested 15 people for providing money and logistics to the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, GSPC, in the region of Kabylie. On Saturday a group of 60 rebels destroyed an industrial installation in Kabylie.