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Prophet Muhammad said, "When one of you puts on sandals, he should first put on the right foot " (Hadith Sahih Muslim 877)

He also said, "He who does not obey Muhammad disobeys God." (Hadith Mishkat 144)

Left Shoe News, 31 January, 2002


2 Jan, 2002

Muslim militia kills 20 Nigerian Christians
Sunday: About 20 people were killed when Muslim militiamen raided a Christian village, Dagwom Turu, about 70 km S of Jos.
Soldiers pursued the Islamists killing 8 of them. They recovered modern rifles, machetes, bows and arrows, Islamic literature and charms.

23/1/02 Sharia acquittal in Nigeria
Eighteen year old Hafsatu Abubakar, who faced stoning to death under Islamic law for adultery, has been acquitted. The judge of the Sokoto state Sharia court said that there were discrepancies in the evidence. A crowd of 500 supporters cheered the verdict.

21/1/02 Sharia judge flogged for drinking
Five thousand people in the town of Kaura Namoda in north-eastern Zamfara state cheered and laughed when a Sharia judge tasted his own medicine.
Judge Mohammadu Na'ila was given 80 lashes of the whip after being found guilty under Islamic law of drinking alcohol.Zamfara was the first state to reintroduce Sharia laws about 2 years ago. HRAIC considers the 7th Century laws to be barbaric.

3 Jan,2002 “Osama” a popular name for baby boys.
A Calabar woman is seeking a divorce after her husband insisted on naming their new-born Osama. The mother said: “Osama bin Laden is a criminal with an inclination towards shedding innocent blood”. With his name, she fears he will take after the terrorist. Her husband said Osama is “a hero who taught Americans the lessons of their lives”.
In Kano, 36 year-old Muslim, Sadiq Ahmed said: “My wife gave birth to our third child on 15 September and I named him Osama in honour of Osama bin Laden who has proved to the world that only Allah is invincible, by exposing Americans to shame despite its claim of being the strongest nation on earth”.


Beating of women, public execution, amputation and stoning in Taleban Afghanistan.

26/1/02 Shinwari must go! Chief Justice wants Taleban-style punishments to continue.
Chief Justice Fazul Hadi Shinwari of the Afghan interim government says he wanted adulterers whipped or stoned to death, the hands of thieves amputated and murderers publicly executed. Proselytising Christians could face the death penalty and Muslims who drink receive 80 lashes.
The Taleban regularly held executions and amputations at sports grounds.
HRAIC considers such Sharia punishments as vicious and barbaric. It is not a matter of imposing Western values on Afghanistan. Twenty-first Century Muslims oppose Seventh Century punishments such as whipping, stoning and amputation.
See Reform_Islam

31/1/02 Afghan women to return to study
During five years of hardline Islamic rule, which ended late last year, women were banned from study or work and could only receive an education clandestinely.
On Wednesday over 500 young female hopefuls will be taking the Kabul University entrance exams in at least six subjects, from biology and mathematics to history and languages. The university will be showing positive discrimination towards females and putting on extra classes for them to make up for the gap in their education.

23/1/02 Pledges of aid to help rebuild Afghanistan
Many billions of dollars will be needed to rebuild Afghanistan after decades of war.
Some of the pledges to date are:
EU: $495 M this year, US $296 M this year, Japan: up to $500 M by 2004, Saudi Arabia: $220 M over 3 years, UK: $288 M over 5 years, Germany: $362 M over 4 years, Pakistan: $100 M over 5 years, World Bank: $500 M over two and a half years, Asian Development Bank: $500 M over two and a half years.

23/1/02 China wants Xinjiang al-Qaeda fighters to face trial at home.
The Taleban gave aid and training to Muslim separatists fighting Chinese rule in the far-western province of Xinjiang. China is wanting the US to return them to China for trial.

31/1/02 Afghanistan to re-adopt solar calendar.
The solar calendar (365 ¼ days = 1 year) was used in Afghanistan until 1999 when the Taleban adopted the lunar calendar (354 days = 1 year) used by Saudi Arabia. This means they are now in 1381 not 1423, dating from the time of Muhammad.


Also banned, the Jaish-e-Mohammad (Army of Muhammad) is blamed by India for the attack on its parliament in Delhi in December last year. It is fighting a holy war to set up an Islamic state in Kashmir.

13/1/02 Violent Islamic groups banned in Pakistan
President Pervez Musharraf says about 400 people were killed in sectarian religious violence last year. The Sunni Sipah-e-Sahaba (The Army of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad) and the Shi'a Tehrik-e-Jafria (The Movement of Followers of Shi'a) were involved and have been banned. The Sunni group, in particular, wants Shi'ism banned in Pakistan, and the right to kill them as non-Muslims.


A 15 year-old student, Charles Bishop apparently committed suicide by crashing his light plane into a Florida skyscraper. Although a note “expressed sympathy” with Osama bin Laden, the police say he had acted alone.

7 Jan 2002 Plane crash boy “acted alone”

 16/1/02 The charges against John Walker Lindh

Walker , a young American converted to Islam in 1997, traveled to Yemen in 1998 and 2000 to study Arabic and Islam. Around May 2001, he joined the Pakistan group Harakat ul_Mujahidin, in order to fight India in the disputed state of Kashmir. He received weapons training in a camp north of Islamabad, but then went to Afghanistan to help the Taleban and al-Qaeda.
He met Osama bin Laden three times and learnt, before September 11, that attacks were planned on the USA. He was at the front line north of Kabul when the US bombing began, and he was captured at Kunduz after the Taleban collapse there.
The charges against him are: Conspiring to kill US nationals in Afghanistan and supporting foreign terrorist organizations.

HRAIC calls on citizens to report to the FBI anyone who converts to Islam. Converts are often more fanatical than someone born into the religion. Also second generation immigrants, instead of being more Westernized, moderate and tolerant than their parents may be more hardline and recruited to terrorism.