Prophet Muhammad said, "When one of you puts on sandals, he should first put on the right foot " (Hadith Sahih Muslim 877)

He also said, "He who does not obey Muhammad disobeys God." (Hadith Mishkat 144)


Left Shoe News, 31 March 2002


25/3/02 Safiya appeal upheld
Safiya Husaini who was sentenced to death by stoning under Islamic law last November has had her case dismissed. The reason was that her child, Adama, was conceived before Sharia was introduced in Sokoto state.
One of our contentions was that she had been divorced and we have been unable to find a hadith where Prophet Muhammad stoned a divorced person.
We wish to thank our readers who sent petitions to Nigeria to help save Ms Husaini. Hundreds of letters a day have been pouring into the Federal Government which is making representations to the 12 northern states where Sharia has been re-introduced.
Do not think that the fight against Sharia is over. A sharia court at Bakori in Katsina state has just sentenced Amina Lawal to die after she conceived a child while divorced. Unfortunately she has confessed, making our job harder. Again the man involved was acquitted as four adult male Muslim witnesses had not viewed the act. Under Islamic law, the word of a woman is not sufficient to convict a person of a capital offence.
No women have died yet but convicted thieves have had a hand amputated and drinkers have been flogged in public. We will publish the details about Amina when more are available but continue your protests to President Obasanjo (himself a Christian) on


Editorial: Whither Palestine?

Even by the standards of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the past month has been bloody and miserable, with Palestinian suicide bombers regularly murdering Israeli citizens and Israeli military retaliation also inadvertently killing Palestinian civilians.
The new rounds of violence stem from Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat's astounding and contemptuous rejection of the peace deal offered by former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, brokered by former US president Bill Clinton, in July 2000. It offered the Palestinians a separate state in more than 95 per cent of the West Bank and Gaza and part of Jerusalem. This rejection helped defeat Barak at the polls and elect the hawkish Ariel Sharon.
Recently Saudi Arabia has produced a new peace plan, involving Israel withdrawing to its pre-1967 borders in exchange for complete recognition and peace from its Arab neighbors. This is a variation on all the peace plans offered before and has no more chance of success than any other.
Saturday, March 2 Ten Israelis, including 2 babies and a ten year-old boy, die after a Palestinian, Mohammed Ahmed Durarme, detonates explosives strapped to his body in a crowd of Ultra-Orthodox Jews in West Jerusalem. Israel retaliates with military strikes into Palestinian territory, killing at least 14.
5/3/02 Three were killed and 13 wounded in a gun attack on a Tel Aviv restaurant.
9/3/02 Eleven were killed and 54 wounded in a café suicide-bombing.
12/3/02 An Israeli shepherd, two truck drivers, a woman and her daughter were killed near the border with Lebanon when gunmen opened fire on vehicles. Hezbollah's aim is to provoke a wider war.
March 19: Saddam Hussein adds fuel to the fire by offering a $US25,000 reward to each family that loses a martyr fighting Israel. A counter move by Israel might be to destroy the parental home of a suicide bomber. His relatives seem accomplices after the event in showing such pride in their son's dastardly deeds.- Did you see the joy in the streets after September 11? It was sickening!
22/3/02 Three Israelis died plus the Palestinian suicide-bomber and 40 were injured in an attack in central Jerusalem.
On Wednesday a suicide-bomber belonging to Islamic Jihad killed 7 passengers, mainly Arab-Israelis on a bus in northern Israel.
Thursday, March 28 A Palestinian suicide bomber kills 21 Israeli civilians as they celebrate the Passover holiday. The Israelis must be losing patience with the endless terrorism and contemplating military action to disarm and dismantle the Palestinian terrorist networks. The Palestinians will try to get us to be sorry for what happens to them but retaliation is justified if you believe in “an eye for an eye”, and collateral civilian casualties must be expected.

23/3/02 Support Iraqi Kurds against al-Qaeda

Most Iraqi Kurds are moderate secular Muslims but a radical Islamist group, Ansar al-Islam (Helpers of Islam) have set up a stronghold in remote Kurdish mountain villages and threaten the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. Captured Ansari guerillas have admitted links between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein that go back to 1992. Admittedly the philosophies of the Baath Party and the Ansari are widely divergent but both are hostile to the West and to democracy, while most Kurds cautiously support the fight against terrorism. Cautiously because they revolted against Saddam during the Gulf War expecting help from George Bush Snr. which never came. Saddam's ethnic cleansing campaign left more than 180,000 Kurds dead and 250 Kurdish villages were bombed with chemical and biological weapons.
Ansar al-Islam has set up a Taliban-style mini-state with 10 villages and 4000 civilians under its control. Girls' schools have been closed and women murdered for refusing to wear the burqa. Music and photographs are banned. Beauty salons have been destroyed and men told to grow beards. The group received $500,000, weapons and 4WDs from Osama bin Laden last year. Since January more recruits from Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco and Syria have swollen the fighters to 700.
In a decade, since the setting up of the Northern No-Fly Zone, the Kurds have transformed their region from poverty and devastation to a thriving secular democracy that nurtures education, a free press, the rule of law and political and religious pluralism.

Victims of Saddam Hussein's poison gas        Turkish soldiers with Kurdish heads
Halabja March 1988


Presently part of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria                Mehmed Uzun

8/3/02 Turkey's ban on the use of the Kurdish language in public life is highlighted by the coming trial of a novelist on 19 April. Mehmed Uzun, 47, who lives in Sweden has been charged with publishing in the Kurdish language.
28/3/02 The European Union wants Turkey to allow broadcasting, education and literature in Kurdish. The only way the 12 million Turkish Kurds can listen to broadcasts in their own language is to tune into a satellite station in Paris.
21/3/02 Three people have died in the southern Turkish city of Mersin in clashes between thousands of Kurdish youths and Turkish riot police over a government ban preventing them from celebrating Nowruz (Farsi for New Year, held on the first day of Spring). But in Diyarbakir their numbers were too great to tackle. Hundreds of thousands gathered peacefully to hold celebrations.



17/3/02 Grenades thrown into Pakistan church
Five people were killed including an Afghan, a Pakistani and two Americans, Mrs Barbara Green and her daughter Kristen Wormsley, when 6 grenades were thrown in the Protestant International Church, Islamabad today. An Islamic attacker may have been the fifth person killed. Forty-five others were injured.
12/3/02 At least 12 Shias have been killed in the past 2 weeks in Pakistan. Shias, a despised minority, make up about 20 per cent of the population. Shakeel Anwar of the outlawed Sunni terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi was killed when he sped away from a police checkpoint in Bahawalpur.

2/3/02 Seven Pakistani militants killed in Macedonia.
Despite the ceasefire in Macedonia between Orthodox Slavs and the Muslim Albanian minority a Pakistani Islamic terrorist group attacked police in Skopje with machine guns. Two ID cards on the bodies gave the names Omer Farooq and Bilal Hussain.
12/3/02 Three civilians, including two kidnapped Hindus, were killed in Rajouri, Pulwama and Srinagar districts of Kashmir.


29/3/02 More than 100 Algerians have been killed so far this month by the GIA (Armed Islamic Group). Two people were killed when a GIA bomb went off in a crowded outdoor market at the village of Ouled Yaich near Blida.
8/3/02 Six people were killed and their taxi set on fire near El Affroun on Thursday.
12/3/02 President Bouteflika has announced that Tamazight, language of the 17 % Berber minority, will be recognized as a national language. Berber protests on this issue and police brutality left 60 dead last year.


8/3/02 IWD in Bangladesh – Protests against acid attacks
There were 338 acid attacks, 80% of them against women, carried out across Bangladesh last year.
The International Women's Day march in Dhaka included thousands of men and its main focus was on acid throwing.
HRAIC has called on the governments of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India to toughen their laws on acid throwing and restrict the sale of acid..
The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Khaleda Zia says all acid throwers will henceforth be charged and that she is determined to improve the rights of women. However her four-party coalition contains two hardline Islamic parties not renowned for their promotion of women's rights. Many Muslim men regard women as subservient to them and punish them for jilting them or talking to other men.


7/3/02 Heresy and deviance in Malaysia
Sixteen Indonesians have been arrested in Ipoh for teachings deviant from orthodox Sunni Islam. Literature was seized and the State Religious Department will conduct the case against them.
Malaysia does not have freedom of religion and Shiism and Reform_Islam are banned.

Demokrasi,  Reformasi,  Sekulerisme!