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 Prophet Muhammad said, "When one of you puts on sandals, he should first put on the right foot " (Hadith Sahih Muslim 877)

He also said, "He who does not obey Muhammad disobeys God." (Hadith Mishkat 144)

13/10/02 Time for unity against islamic terrorism

Massive Australian casualties among the 182 deaths in the Sari night-club in Kuta Beach, Bali are likely. Many of the bodies are too charred to identify them. No one has claimed responsibility as yet, but Jemaat Islamiyyah with links to al-Qaeda is blamed. Bali itself is not an islamic island, the Hindus there were never converted. Islam opposes dancing, night-clubbing and drinking. Bali of course is not a rich man's destination. Many of the Aussies missing were just footballers celebrating the end of the football season.
“Divide and conquer” has been the islamic motto, and progressive, religious and human rights groups have been ensnared into divisive statements. The militants in Chechnya, Xinjiang, Palestine, Aceh, Kashmir are NOT “freedom fighters” but islamists devoted to setting up islamic states, with islamic law, Sharia, such as whipping, stoning and amputation of hands enforced. Chechens, Iughurs, Indonesians, …have trained in Afghanistan and Arabs and other islamics have been captured and killed in Chechnya, etc.
Israel has been attacked by Hamas and Islamic Jihad for many years. Sure, Israel does retaliate harshly with “an eye for an eye”, etc. But Palestine could have been an independent, sovereign state long ago if the peace deals, as good as could be expected, had been accepted. India has been in the front-line also of Islamic attacks. Human rights in Arab countries, not unfriendly to the West are of concern but islamists who want to take power in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. are not to be allowed to have their way for the sake of their populations.

Civil rights groups have opposed US ‘profiling’ of visitors to the US and Muslims within the country. It is said that perhaps only 10 to 15 per cent of Muslims are hard-line and that only a few per cent are connected with terrorism. But this makes a not insignificant number of militants. After all September 11 was the work of only about 19 hijackers. The western governments must actually step up surveillance of known Muslims in their country.

Added 26/10/02

The media treatment of the hostage-taking in Moscow was sickening. Anyone would have thought the terrorists were simply “separatists”. It was only by reading between the lines that one could work out they were Islamists. They have the same sickness as al-Qaeda and are linked with them. They want an Islamic state where moderate Chechens would be subjected to vicious Sharia law. They would use a base in Chechnya to expand into Dagestan and other Russian districts.

Added 26/10/02

“Australia as a Western democratic multicultural secular state is, by definition, an enemy and target of Islamic fascism because of its values”. (Paul Kelly, Editor, Weekend Australian, 19/10/02)

“The crusader Australian forces were on Indonesian shores … and they landed on East Timor which is part of the Islamic world”. (Osama bin Laden, November 2001) We all know that only 5 per cent of East Timorese are Muslims, but the point is that it was part of a Muslim (not Islamic) nation. [our categorization is on the nature of the state. The Indonesian parliament recently over-whelmingly rejected an attempt to introduce Sharia, Islamic law.

But the whole concept of holding on to or winning back control of former Islamic land is frightening. This is why Israel can never expect peace from Palestinian Islamists. That is why international mujahideen (holy warriors) went to help in Bosnia, Kosovo,  Chechnya and progressive Afghanistan.  Even India, which was part of the Moghul Empire until the 19th century and  Spain, a part of Islam 500 years ago, are on the agenda to be re-Islamised.

The political incorrectness of Rev. Jerry Falwell

The Reverend Jerry Falwell, a leading member of the Southern Baptist Convention, has described the Prophet Muhammad as a "terrorist".
While Muslims who know their Sunnah would not be upset, there must be millions who do not. He may have been politically incorrect but we have to admit that the evangelist was unfortunately telling the truth. If striking terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah is terrorism, then here is a quote right out of the mouth of Prophet Muhammad:

(Qur’an 8:60) “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah…”.

Actions designed to have a salutary effect on others included:
The execution of all adult male members of the Medinan Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayzah, some 600-700 of them and the enslavement of their wives and children.(Hadith Bukhari 5:59:362)

 The breaking of the Treaty of Medina (622CE) and the confiscation of all the property of Banu Nadir and Banu Qaynuka. The turning of the landowners of Khaybar into serfs. (Bukhari 5:59:551) Ethnic cleansing (Hadith Muslim 4363 & 4366)

The punishment of 8 men of the tribe of 'Ukl ('Uraina) which was designed to show what to expect if you stole from Muhammad and left Islam. He had their arms and legs cut off and their eyes branded with white-hot nails. (Bukhari 8:82:794)

The whipping of wives (Qur'an 4:38) and leaving the whip showing in a prominent place.(Muhammad, al-Zamkhshari, Vol. 1, P 525)   And punishments not even in the Qur'an: the killing of a thief who had no more hands or feet left to cut off (Abu Dawud 38 :4396) and the killing of drinkers for the third offence (Abu Dawud 38: 4467). The killing of lovers by stoning them to death.(Hadith Muslim 682) The execution of prisoners-of-war (Qur’an 8: 67). The assassination of poets who had made fun of him (Sirat Rasulallah). The robbing of dozens of caravans (Sirat Rasulallah). The smashing of the idols of other religions…(Sirat Rasulallah)

While we are not a Christian organization, we have to agree with the Reverend Falwell that the founders of Islam and Christianity were as alike as chalk and cheese.

The status of Jerusalem

The status of Jerusalem has to be decided as part of a permanent solution between the Palestinians and Israel. Both sides are demanding that Jerusalem be their capital and we do agree that Israel and Palestine both have legitimate claims on the city. While Israel has had control since 1967, it was under Jordanian control from 1948 until then. Before that it was under British mandate and before that part of the Ottoman (Turkish) empire. At no time has there been an independent Palestinian state.
The population of the Old City of Jerusalem ( 30,000) is 90 per cent Arabic but for Greater Jerusalem the statistics are as follows:

Year               1870      1905         1931        1946        1967       1985           1990         1996

Jews               11,000    40,000     54,000      99,500    196,500   328,000     353,900     410,000

Arabs/Others 10,000      20,000     39,000     65,000     71,300     129,700     139,600    190,000

In antiquity the Canaanites inhabited the city, and some attempt has been made by Arabs to identify with the Canaanites or the Jebusites who followed them. When David captured the city in about 1000 BCE, the Jebusites were absorbed into the Jewish people. Solomon, his son, built the first Temple at or near the site of Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount. Despite Muslim attempts to incorporate David and Solomon into Islam, they were without doubt Jews. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the Jewish Bible and not once in the Qur'an. (At least three translations, those of Sale, Asad and Behbudi-Turner try to insert “Jerusalem” into Qur'an 17:1 when it does not occur in the Arabic original.)

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat says that Jerusalem can be the capitals for both the Israeli and Palestinian states.
The argument that Jerusalem is Islam's third holiest city is also a perception of many Muslims.
However Muhammad changed the Qiblah, direction in which Muslims pray quite early in the piece from Jerusalem to Mecca. Also Muslim modernists believe the Night Journey from Mecca to Jerusalem was a dream of Muhammad. The alternative literalist belief is that in 620 CE Muhammad was transported by a white, winged, horse-like animal called Buraq guided by Archangel Gabriel from Mecca to the "Furthest Mosque:" Here in Sulaimen's mosque (Solomon's Temple) he met and drank (milk) with Muslim prophets such as Moses, Abraham and Jesus, and climbed a ladder of light to meet Allah.
However in 638 CE when Caliph Umar took Jerusalem he describes the Temple Mount as a "dung heap" -(Omar had a way with words.) It is not likely that "the Furthest Mosque" disappeared in just 18 years. (It was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.) The Al-Aqsa Mosque was not built until 691 CE, 59 years after Muhammad's death.