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As you will see there are a considerable number of reforms needed to make Islam a more humane and modern religion. We invite your contributions. Please email them to hraic@hraic.org

The following essays are available:

1. Pathogenesis of Fundamentalism

+ The attack on America   “The making of martyrs”

Quotations from the Qur'an which show intolerance towards other religions and cruelty.

2. The Life of Muhammad

A brief biography which shows Muhammad as a man of seventh century Arabia. Was he a "role model for mankind for all time to come?"

3. The "Islamic" Bomb

Pakistan already has nuclear weapons but would they be put at the service of the ideology of Islam?

4. Of Religions

A Pakistani humanist looks at the history of Christianity and the realities of Islam today.

5. Muslim Spain and Islamic Science

Was Muslim Spain a "Golden Era"? And is the Qur'an a repository of scientific information?

6. Two Faces of Islam

Non-Muslims have no argument with Islam as a personal religion. It is the authoritarianism and political ideology which is in question.

7. Women and Islam

Justified by the Qur'an are male superiority, female obedience and "light punishment", polygamy and easy divorce for men, custody for the husbands, purdah, lesser inheritance, a less credible witness, inability to marry a non-Muslim, etc. Also looks at birth control, female genital mutilation, poor education, health care and unjust laws.

8. Selected Hadith

Selected sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad dealing with his commands, jihad (holy war), punishments - one was so cruel that Muhammad received a reprimand from Allah.

9. Some Islamic History

Some events from the invasions of Egypt, India, Cyprus, East Timor; the treatment of the Copts, Armenians, Bahai, Hindus; Wahhab, the Mahdi, Assad, Idi Amin, Yasser Arafat, Salman Rushdie.

10. Music and Prophet Muhammad

A download from a fundamentalist web site.

11. Ethnic Cleansing and Prophet Muhammad

HRAIC is opposed to ethnic cleansing wherever it occurs. It has, of course, a long history but is not unknown to Islam.

12. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This landmark document is 50 years old but still has to be observed in many countries.

13. To Mutilate in the Name of Jehovah or Allah

by Sami A. Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh, Doctor of Law, and by the same author

14. Religious Arguments about Male and Female Circumcision

15. Stoning and Prophet Muhammad

Stoning to death for adultery is a barbaric practice attributed to Prophet Muhammad.

16. Apostasy and Prophet Muhammad

The Qur'an does not punish apostasy from Islam in this life but Muhammad made it the death penalty.

17. Alcohol and Prophet Muhammad

Whipping is prescribed in the Qur’an and Hadith for drinking alcohol. In addition Prophet Muhammad executed drinkers for a third offence faithfully continued in Saudi Arabia

18. Prophet Muhammad and His Mockers

The poets of old Arabia made fun of Muhammad and his claims of prophethood. He had them eliminated. Plus present-day Islamic assassination.

19. Chess and Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad considered chess a "game of chance" and a diversion from righteousness.

20. Ransom and Prophet Muhammad

Ransom of POW’s and kidnap victims made a considerable contribution to the coffers of Islam. It is a practice continued in Chechnya, southern Philippines and Yemen.

21. Thievery and Prophet Muhammad

Amputation is the punishment for theft in the Muslim holy books. When a thief ran out of hands and feet to amputate (how can one steal without hands or feet?) Muhammad would kill them. But was not raiding caravans and confiscation of property theft?

22. Persecution of Christians in Islamic Countries

While we are not a Christian organization, we publish an abridged ICC account of the position of Christians in Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

23. The Prophet of Peace?

The ulama (Muslim scholars) tell us that Muhammad only fought to defend himself. It is true the Meccans wanted to punish him for raiding their caravans. Was Islam "spread by the sword?"

24. The Jews and Prophet Muhammad

Why is the Qur’an contradictory about the Jews? How are they dealt with in the Sunnah (sayings and actions of Muhammad)?

25. "Tales of the Ancients"

There is, as yet, no archaeological basis for ultra-Orthodox Jewish settlement in Palestine. Likewise that Abraham or Moses ever existed. This would also present problems for Muslim fundamentalists.

26. The Quranic Concept of Jihad

Jihad is said to be a "misunderstood" term. But here is a fundamentalist download.

27. The Covenant of HAMAS

HRAIC does not oppose national liberation movements. But they must aim for a secular, democratic society. Nor must they target innocent civilians, women and children.

28. Jihad in the Qur'an and Sunnah

Qital (fighting) for Allah certainly seems the"Greater Jihad" for this fundamentalist

29. Slavery and Prophet Muhammad

Much is made of the fact that Prophet Muhammad freed Zayd and treated him like a son. But the Qur’an and Hadith consider slavery as normal.  


30. Scientific Errors in the Qur'an

Muslim propagandists try to say that the Qur'an is a repository of scientific knowledge


31. Capital Punishment and Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad decreed the death penalty for the murder of a Muslim, adultery, apostasy, the third drinking offence and the fifth for stealing.


32. Prophet Muhammad and Paedophilia

+Some sayings of Ayatollah Khomeini


Warning: Some of the words of this "holy" man may cause you to vomit.


33. “Oppression of Muslims”

The words "oppression" and "persecution" are used a number of times in the Qur’an. But the terms had a special meaning for Prophet Muhammad.

34. Taqiyya, Taqqiyya and Dissimulation

Muslims are allowed to lie if it is for the greater good of Islam. Non-Muslims should be aware of dissimulation and not take their statements at face value.

35. Religion - A force for good or evil?

A humanist asks whether religion is a force for good or evil

36. The Hardening of Prophet Muhammad

There are some tolerant and peaceful verses in the early Qur'an but these are abrogated and replaced as time goes by.

37. Kidnapping of Children

Islam considers children as the "seed" of the father, and so he is favored in any custody dispute

38. Rape and Islam

HRAIC considers sex with prisoners, sex with slaves and small children as rape. Hudud laws protect rapists.

39. Killing other Muslims

In Pakistan Sunni Muslims kill Shiite Muslims and vice-versa. In Algeria, Dagestan, Bangladesh radical Muslims kill "bad" Muslims

And some articles from other sources:

40. Fundamentalist violence in Britain

From IHEU (International Humanist and Ethical Union)

41. Offensive War to Spread Islam

Quotes from the Qur'an and Muslim scholars on the Christian web-site, Answering-Islam

42. Muhammad, Islam and Terrorism

Writing two years before September 11, Silas traces the origins of Islamic terrorism.

43. Punishment of Muslim Women

Quotes from the Qur'an and Hadith +images from RAWA

44. Forced Conversion and Prophet Muhammad

Jews and Christians had three choices. Pagans had two choices - embrace Islam or die.

45. Jihad and Human Rights today + “From Jihad to Dhimmitude” + “Dhimmitude: Jews and Christians under Islam” + “The Myth of the Tolerant Pluralistic Islamic Society”

Writer Bat Ye’or specializes in history of the dhimmis (Jews and Christians in an Islamic state).

21 articles about Islam, mainly from a Christian viewpoint, from Dr Robert Morley