RE Burns

                                        Dear Washington Post


I refer to your article « Defaming Islam » in  the « Washington Post » (10/6/02)  I did not know I would ever support anything said or done by the Christian Right (e.g. Creationism and indoctrination in schools, opposition to freedom of choice for pregnant women and terminally ill, sick attitude towards sex, …but, as a student of Islam I must say that the statements of Falwell, Robertson and Franklin Graham, which you quoted with derision are all in accordance with fact.

In my article “The Prophet of Peace?” on our website,  Prophet Muhammad was peaceful when he was too weak to fight. But after the hijra (2 AH=624 CE) he was given permission to fight to defend himself from the Meccans who did not like him raiding their caravans. By 6 AH, his power had grown to such an extent that he “was given permission” to wage war to spread Islam.(and gain booty). For example, despite his death,, by 638 CE, Syria, Persia, Egypt and Jerusalem had been conquered.

“The preachings of Osama bin Laden are a grotesque distortion of a great religion” is again untrue. Many Muslims may not know what is in their Qur’an, but everything bin Laden is acting upon is in the Qur’an  True there are some tolerant, acceptable verses but as my article “The Hardening of Muhammad” shows these verses have been abrogated by hardline, bellicose ones.

The Rev. Franklin Graham has declared “Islam a very evil and wicked religion”. I can’t possibly justify this statement in a short space but will mention whipping, stoning to death, amputation of limbs, …For more detail see which lists human rights abuses in Islamic countries every month. These abuses are not in spite of the religion but because of them.

Mr Robertson called the Prophet Muhammad  “an absolute wild-eyed fanatic … a robber and a brigand  a killer” Again correct on all accounts. Muhammad became more and more sick due to acromegaly and psychopathic paranoia. He robbed 82 caravans, leading 28 of the raids himself. Perhaps one day someone will add up all the people he killed. The biggest single mass murder was the killing of all 700 adult males (those who had pubic hair) of the Medinan Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayza. The killing of people who left Islam and those who refused to convert, if pagans. The assassination of three poets who made fun of him,,,,

All these facts are to be found in Islamic literature, purchased from the local mosque or from Islamic websites. All references are given on our website


Bob Burns

Grad Dip Islamic Studies